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Dusting off the Cobwebs

November 7, 2015

As mentioned in my non-trading blog, I recently started trading again.

It has been a long while.  In the past, my main problem has been my inability to control my emotions when a trade I make turns out to be a losing trade.  I’ve never had trouble making money from trading, I only start losing money when I lose control, when I am unable to stay out of trouble, and all the patience and discipline that I’ve practiced goes flying out the window for that moment.  It’s like a parasitic demon within me that won’t go away any time soon, so I may as well adapt and try to manage the demon.

Hopefully I will be more successful this time around in controlling my emotions.  I know what I need to do differently this time around.  Follow my rules:

  1. Wait for the chart to tell me what it is doing
  2. Stay out of trouble
  3. No more rushing into a trade, especially without first assessing, preparing and planning things out.  Drawing lines on the chart helps me to assess where things are at.
  4. Practice becoming more comfortable with entering bracket orders.
  5. Visualize myself accepting a loss, should it come to that.

Let the games begin!


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